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    Knockin’ me out with those American thighs 👊💥🇺🇸 


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    I normally refuse to post pussies this tight, this is not a virginity faire. But this particular submission means business and exemplifies what I want to see in beginners - raw slut attitude. The puffy engorged look of your pussy lips just tipped the balance to allow me to post this despite your dismal lack of gape. Your body is perfect, you are confidently exposing yourself completely, your legs spread wide, your only clothing an outrageously sexy pair of ‘fuck me’ shoes - the overall impression is that you are a slut. You wouldn’t have submitted this to my blog without a desire to stretch your pussy, and this looks like an invitation. Now, I would like to see your next submission be stretching or gaping. I can’t always bend my rules simply because you’re gorgeous. Your pussy needs improvement, get stretching. If you need advice PM me.


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    Follow for more ~

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    Vibrator matches my bedding ^O^



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    follow-4-follow. let’s do it

    Gentleman Savage

    I like the bench in the shower

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    Satine Spark

    Fake Taxi



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    ass ass ass

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    Elo Lombard and Jennifer White, tongue to tongue.